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Civano Community Concepts

IMPACT Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU)
Civano Energy Code
Civano PAD

Civano Guiding Documents—Development Agreement, Indemnity Agreement, MOU, and IMPACT System

The following revised guiding documents were approved by Mayor and Council on December 8, 2003. Because these copies are not yet signed, there may be slight changes to the finals. In that case, the signed copies are controlling.

Civano 1: Neighborhood 1 Association, Inc.

The following are the Civano 1: Neighborhood 1 Association, Inc. governing documents  (click on the document):

Articles of Incorporation

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)

Bylaws-Third Amended-Restated April 2016

DESIGN GUIDELINES MANUAL: Note - the Design Guideline documents are searchable if you download a document to your computer and when using a PDF reader program.   You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (or another PDF reader program) in order to search this document. You may download Adobe Reader from the small banner in left column or (click here).

Please note that all improvements and modifications to homes or parcels REQUIRE prior approval from the Design Review Committee unless noted in Section 5 as pre-approved. All painting of homes that include repainting requires submittal of application for verification of prior approval. See Section 5, paragraph 18 for painting specifics.

Click on the appropriate Section below.

Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4

Introduction to Design Manual Sections and how to use the Design Manual

Section 5

Guidelines for exterior changes and modifications to homes, lots or parcels.

Section 5a Landscaping and plant guidelines
Section 5b List of approved and prohibited plants
Section 6 Zoning in Civano
Section 7 Design Guidelines for Commercial properties
Section 8 New Construction Requirements

DRC Application

For improvement or modification to home or lot
Application Form for exterior improvements, changes or modifications

Application Form Painting only

Application Form for Exterior Painting


  • 05-06 Events Committee
    05-07 Garden Committee
    06-02 Responsible Pet Ownership Committee
    08-02 Collection Policy

    Variance for Certain Lots with Guesthouses


    09-03 Property Conditions Collections Policy (rev. 2-21-12)
    10-1 Asset Improvement Fund Policy
    10-02 Replacement Reserve Fund Policy
    10-04 Design Review Committee revised 11/17/15
    10-06 Video Surveillance Policy

    Policy On Members' Communication with the Board

    Purpose: To remind and give guidance to Board members regarding the importance of channeling all member communication to and through the HOA office, in order to ensure members opinions, requests, concerns and complaints are distributed to all Board members. 


    Review & Approval Policy of Association Newsletter

    Purpose: To better codify the process for creating, reviewing, and publishing the Community Newsletter.


    Policies on Annual Election of Directors

    Purpose: To clarify election procedures and to satisfy certain provisions of the HOA’s settlement in Tober v. Civano 1 HOA.

    11-01 Civano 1 Common Area Assets Committee (CCAA)

    Administrative Resolution

    11-03 Records Retention Policy
    12-01A Governing Document Violation Procedure

    Policy on Audio & Video Taping of Meetings (amended)


    Parks & Facility Use Policy


    Landscape Maintenance

    16-01 Policy on Designated Parking Spaces
    16-02 Budget & Finance Committee replaces 10-3 on 7/5/16
    17-01 Distribution of Board and Committee Minutes


2018 Approved Budget & Budget Notes 2018