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C1N1 Organization

Board of Directors
Design and Review Committee
Community Events Committee

Common Area Assets  AKA Rotunda Committee
Community Garden Committee

Responsible Pet Ownership Committee

Finance Committee

Nominating & Elections Committee (NEC)
Management Company
Onsite Manager

Board of Directors                                       Term Expiration

President, Mario Mastrosimone                 03/2019

Vice President, Tom Sisterman                  03/2020

Treasurer, Chris Shipley                             03/2020

Secretary, Bob Small                                   03/2019

Director, Richard Bates                               03/2020

Director,  Sharon Fields                               03/2019

Director,  Les Shipley                                   03/2020

The C1N1 Board of Directors is an administrative body established by the Civano 1: Neighborhood 1 Association, Inc., By-Laws adopted January 28, 1998 as an adjunct to the C1N1 Articles of Incorporation approved by the State of Arizona Corporation Commission February 12, 1998. See Governing Documents for more information.

The Bylaws require that the Board meet at least twice per year. Our Directors have chosen to meet at least at a minimum of every other month. The Board of Directors meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Activity Center located at 10501 E. Seven Generations Way, Suite 109 at the Neighborhood Center.

The annual meeting of the Members shall be held during the month of March of each year at a date and time established by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors' meetings are focused on the business of the HOA. These meetings are open to all Homeowners.

topApproved Board Meeting Minutes

Design Review Committee

Sharon Fields - Chair and Board Liaison

John Siath

Jim Booth

John Pulkkinen

Wendy Walker

Mario Mastrosimone-Alternate

The Design & Landscape Review Committee (DRC) is an administrative and policy enforcement body established by Board resolution and subject to design and landscaping specifications included in Civano Community Association documents and The Community of Civano, LLC documents. The DRC administers a comprehensive design review process that reviews and approves, rejects or denies C1N1 Architectural Improvement Changes or Additions Applications. The DRC also drafts architectural and landscape policies under the guidelines of the Governing Documents.

The DRC meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM in the Activity Center located in Suite 109 at the Neighborhood Center. The DRC reviews member submissions for changes to their buildings and landscaping. These meetings are open to all interested members.

topApproved DRC Meeting Notes

EnergyCode Link

Civano 1 Neighborhood 1 code for Res Check Web is Pima AZ SES. 

Civano 1 Common Area Assets Committee (CCAA) -- aka Rotunda Committee

Mark Levine

Jim Booth

Wendy Walker

John PulkKinen-Alternate

Jennifer Contaxis

Mario Mastrosimone

Events Committee

Hannah Walker

Bob Small/Board Liaison (non-voting member)

***Still Looking for 1 Volunteer for this Committee***

The Events Committee reports to the Board of Directors and keeps it informed of developments and activities in the performance of functions that include, but are not necessarily limited to the following

  • Promote and conduct events and other activities deemed appropriate upon the request of the Board of Directors of Civano1 Neighborhood 1 that will be of interest to the residents of Civano I Neighborhood 1.
  • Organize events and maintain a calendar of events, including scheduling events to assure equitable use of the facilities and to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Find willing volunteers to adopt an event that they are interested in so they may assist the committee as necessary.  Event Adopters need not be permanent members of the Events Committee.

See Resolution #05-06 for further description under DOCUMENTS. (Resolution currently being reviewed for updating)


Community Garden

Sharlene Gillette, Chair - 520-235-0346

Susan Bollinger

Kyle Cipra

Heike Rumsey

Caryl Clement

Bob Reitmajer

Bob Small/ Board Liaison (non voting member)

The Community Garden Committee manages the operations of a special enclosed garden area to accommodate individual plots for homeowners who wish additional garden space outside of their home.This garden is operated at no cost to the Association. Use is by assignment of location and a usage fee.

The Community Garden Committee is a collaborative group that gathers at the Garden. They meet quarterly for official business.  See the calendar for date and location of the next meeting.

topApproved Community Garden Committee Meeting Minutes

Responsible Pet Ownership

Denise Early, chair

Nina Bossert

Janet McNally

Bob Small/Board Liaison (non voting member)

The Responsible Pet Ownership Committee was created to advise and assist the Board of Directors to identify and implement actions regarding pet ownership which contribute to a pleasant, safe, and healthy environment for all Civano residents.  The Board of Directors approved of the formation of this Committee and created its charter in Resolution #06-02.

The HOA provides pet waste stations to keep our community clean and to encourage responsible pet owners to pick up after their pets.  For a map of station locations, Bag Stations & Garbage locations.

Click here for more information and local codes pertaining to pet ownership

Finance Committee

Chris Shipley,  Chair

Ralph Terry

Mark Levine

Joan Tober-Alternate

Jim Booth

Meeting Minutes

Nominating & Elections (NEC) Committee


Sharon Fields, Board Liaison (non voting)

John Pulkkinen

Jim Booth

Wendy Walker

Linda Hilliard

Richard Bates

Ken Wilcox




Management Company

Under the direction of the Board President, the management company’s role is to provide the Association with expertise and to assist in its day to day operations by providing these services:

  • Billing
  • Record keeping
  • Receive all inquiries
  • Coordinate
  • Newsletter and official mailings
  • Update content on communication tools
  • Conduct CC&R compliance inspections and issue violations
  • Oversee the maintenance and security of the common areas
  • Provide expertise
  • Monitor contractor performance


On-site Manager

The Manager handles the HOA operational matters as directed by the Board of Directors.   Residents may contact the manager for the following reasons:

  • Report possible CC&R violations
  • Inquiries
  • Relay suggestions and ideas
  • Submit forms for events
  • Volunteer your service

Manager: Cindy Noel

Assistant Manager:  Seleste Grice
10501 E. Seven Generations Way, Suite 109
Tucson, AZ 85747
Phone: (520) 546-3862 | Fax: (520) 546-6795
topE-mail: hoa@civano1.com

After Hours Emergency Matters:  (520) 297-0797

                                            Cadden Community Management

This website is the Official Website and the Only Website for the Civano 1 Neighborhood 1 Association, Inc. A Homeowners Association.  The Civano Neighbor's website at www.civanoneighbors.com is in no way associated with the HOA.  The C1N1 HOA is not responsible for the content of any other website except for this one at www.civano1.com